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We are 98% successful in recovering all debt that we chase

Positive Collections is a unique and FREE online credit control solutions and debt recovery service.

You are in control at every stage of the recovery process whether it is a debt you are chasing or invoices that you are issuing.

Our Free online credit control service enhances your credit control management in order to improve your cash flow and reduce your debtor days. For companies, especially self-employed and small companies, having a vibrant cash flow is vital to drive business growth and maintain the required resources to achieve business goals. Our cost effective Credit Control system allows you to store your invoices in a secure and professional manner allowing fast and easy access to a summary of your accounts. With a real-time reminder as to which of your customers owes you cash, our credit control system allows you to action the Debt Recovery Process if needs be.

If you ever need to proceed with Debt Recovery, using the Positive Collections service is very easy and you only have to pay a one off fee of just £4.99 to recover your money. This fee covers the 4 letters/stages of your debt recovery process. A fast track service is also available for a one off fee of just £10. We fully appreciate our clients cash flow requirements, therefore all debtors are instructed to pay our clients direct; this results in improving your cash flow immediately.
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